Dear colleagues,

The idea and the security problems are accompanying the mankind since the beginning of its existence. The universal security problem is especially topical in the last few years, since serious problems of regional and global importance threaten the mankind. Meanwhile the academic interests in security are developing most intensive. It becomes an object of scientific research in different aspects, like political, commercial, social, demographic, military, environmental etc.

Scientists from all over the world and in all scientific fields are called upon to seek the answer of thousand security challenges, in order to guarantee the future of each human and the mankind as a whole.

The First International Scientific Conference on Security „CONFSEC 2017" will take place from 11 to 14 December, 2017 at the Borovets winter resort, Bulgaria.

We invite the scientists and the researchers to present the results of their research works and to publish them in the international scientific magazines, issued by the Scientific-Technical Union of Mechanical Engineering.

We do believe, that the International Scientific Conference on Security „CONFSEC 2017" will become a place for meeting and discussions of scientists in different scientific fields, who are overcome by the challenge to guarantee security to the future.
The conference program will give you the chance to find new friends and ideas, to relax, to amuse, and to feel the charm of the splendid winter in the mountains.

Prof. Dr. Nikolai Radulov
Chairman of the International Program Committee

Prof. Dr. h.c. Georgi Popov DSc. Tech.
Chairman of the Scientific-Technical Union of Mechanical Engineering